Pinpoint – english non-profit website

Pinpoint website
Pinpoint is an english non-profit organisation, providing practical help and moral support for parents of disabled children.

As well as helping parents and children, they have a role in telling government bodies and politicians what parents want and don’t want. The website plays a key role in co-ordinating information and building an active community.

The Pinpoint website has over 300 pages of

  • information
  • events
  • numbers to call
  • a forum
  • a blog
The site was initially built by my friend Graeme Whippy of Meerkat Web Services. As well as supporting the site now, I’ve done these projects:

Video integration

Added videos to the site including a slick way for site visitors to navigate between videos.


A key role of the site is promoting community events for disabled children and for their parents. I’ve extended the functionality to include regular repeating events as well as one-off events.
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