iPhone app tracks your bike route using GPS

The app speaks for itself. You tap the Start button and ride.

When you pause for oxygen to take photos it stops the clock so it just measures your riding time.

At the end you tap the Stop button.

 .  .

When you tap the Done button, the real fun starts…

It emails you 2 links.

The first link is to a map with your route drawn on…

MTB route Bayview Skyline near Nelson NZ

The second link is a Google Earth File (KML) that downloads the Google Earth-compatible track of your route.

This is awesome – you can fly over the terrain seeing a 3-D view of your route. This screenshot is only half the story – the excitement is dynamically moving the scenery around.

3-D view of the route in Google Earth


The app is the Cyclemeter from Abvio.com.

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