SEO and everything else

For many people, SEO means “everything about a website except the colours and pictures”.

They know what web design is: that’s the colours and pictures. So everything else is called SEO. Sometimes it’s even shorthand for “getting the damn thing to work at all”.

They usually have a new website and they are puzzled why their results are so bad. They come to me asking about SEO.

I explain that all websites have 2 stages:

Stage 1: Getting more visitors → Stage 2: Getting more action
SEO Credibility
Paid search (AdWords) Visual design
emails Value
Banner adverts Good offer
Social media Brand
Offline Usability

I explain that yes I can do SEO but maybe we need to look at the whole picture first. SEO is one way to get more people to visit a website. One of several ways.

But it’s very often the second stage that needs fixing: they do get some visitors but they don’t get any action.



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