QR codes: mixed results or 100% crap ?

This is the best I’ve seen.

QR code

Printed on a letter from New World supermarkets about a wine promotion. It explained that the QR code would take me to their mobile website.

It worked perfectly and took me to a website about different kinds of wine.

Missing ingredient


What’s missing ? There is no reason to scan. No payload. No benefit to me. No voucher. No special deal.

And no benefit to the supermarket either. I’ve not bought any more wine.


Tesco was worse

The QR code was next to the card reader right at the till. This is the worst possible place to have a QR code in a supermarket – the only place where you are rushed. Even the toilet would be a better location.

I came back into the store and scanned one at an empty lane. And the code took me to a random page on their normal full-size website with no benefit to me and no call to action. Eek.





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