QR code checklist

Even smart people can get distracted qr code on bum and goof up when it comes to QR codes…

Q1 Why Why Why?

This is crucial. Why scan the code? What is the benefit to me? You need to have a benefit and you need to spell out the benefit.

Without a good why-I-should-scan then your QR campaign is going nowhere.

Researchers found that 52% of repeat code snappers said the process only “sometimes” produces a fair exchange of value. For 15% of QR users the platform “rarely” delivers value.

Q2 What happens next?

Explain what is going to happen next. A video? A phone call? A website? If it’s a website then it had better be a mobile-ready website.

Q3 Who?

Who is going to scan? Do they own a smart phone? Do they know what a QR code is? Some 60% of QR fans are male and 53% are aged 18-34. Is this your target group?

Where, when, how?

Where is the QR code located? Does the punter have internet connection and is it safe? Does he have the time?

Beach volleyball hotties

qr code links to betfair mobile website

close-up of that qr code

Gambling company Betfair sponsored 2 beach volleyball players to have QR codes on their butts.

What would you expect to see next when you scan?

  • Something sporty?
  • Something sexy?
  • Something sporty and sexy?

The answer is: none of these. Scan the code and you see this transactional mobile website where you can login and bet on horses. Boo.


QR code resources

Not all scanners are equal and not all code generators are equal.

The best free QR scanner for your iPhone.  I have tried 2 other scanners and this is faster and better. The first one I tried could not scan some codes and the second had annoying adverts. This is faster than both. Google is behind this scanner.

Make your own QR codes with this free online QR code generator – copy them or print them or whatever you like. Unlike some QR generators it does not insert spam links – it just gives you the plain barcode. Google is behind this generator as well.

Very easy to create QR codes that contain:

  • Your contact details (vcard)
  • A URL
  • An event (time, place, etc)
  • A geo location
  • An SMS (text message)
  • An email address
  • A phone number
  • A WiFi network
Do remember to follow the why-what-who-where checklist. Happy scanning…


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