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iPhone app tracks your bike route using GPS

The app speaks for itself. You tap the Start button and ride. When you pause for oxygen to take photos it stops the clock so it just measures your riding time. At the end you tap the Stop button.  .  . When you tap the Done button, the real fun starts… It emails you 2 [...]

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QR code checklist

Even smart people can get distracted  and goof up when it comes to QR codes… Q1 Why Why Why? This is crucial. Why scan the code? What is the benefit to me? You need to have a benefit and you need to spell out the benefit. Without a good why-I-should-scan then your QR campaign is [...]

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QR codes: mixed results or 100% crap ?

This is the best I’ve seen. Printed on a letter from New World supermarkets about a wine promotion. It explained that the QR code would take me to their mobile website. It worked perfectly and took me to a website about different kinds of wine. Missing ingredient   What’s missing ? There is no reason [...]

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This (sales killer) needs fixing

No they haven’t sold out of child tickets… Nothing on the child line was clickable.   Spent 10 minutes puzzling and mine-sweeping* the screen to figure out what to do. This usability boob is on the InterCity coaches online booking site. The page before this had defaulted to one passenger. On this page I had [...]

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SEO and everything else

For many people, SEO means “everything about a website except the colours and pictures”. They know what web design is: that’s the colours and pictures. So everything else is called SEO. Sometimes it’s even shorthand for “getting the damn thing to work at all”. They usually have a new website and they are puzzled why [...]

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Seth Godin++

Seth Godin is a marketing guru – author of dozens of books including Purple Cow. A recent idea on his blog is a workflow audit… Go find a geek. Someone who understands gmail, Outlook, Excel and other basic tools. Pay her to sit next to you for an hour and watch you work. Then say, [...]

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What a 30% boost looks like…

This is in my top-10 list of ideas. Letting website visitors book their own medical appointment online. Like booking a flight or a holiday. Ultralase is a national chain of laser eye clinics in the UK. Some 90% of their business comes through their website. At the time I was Interim Web Manager. We had [...]

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Pinpoint – english non-profit website

Pinpoint is an english non-profit organisation, providing practical help and moral support for parents of disabled children. As well as helping parents and children, they have a role in telling government bodies and politicians what parents want and don’t want. The website plays a key role in co-ordinating information and building an active community. The [...]

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QR codes

My first project with QR codes. It’s a very promising technology and it’s huge in Japan – driven there by smart phones that can read them. I’ve done many projects using the old-style picket-fence barcodes. Printing barcodes on letters, envelopes, pallet labels, work tickets, sticky labels. And scanning them in warehouse and retail applications. QR [...]

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